About Steve Mattson.

Steve is an American boy who loves his country and likes to ride one of his bikes there whenever possible. He is blessed to come from good stock, was raised in San Francisco, CA and later Bozeman, MT and now resides in Venice, CA.  He is turning his addictive interest in bicycles into something lucrative for both you and me.  Those around him are kicking him repeatedly in the behind and he hears their words. “You need to do this, Steve.”  This energy shows up early in the morning when he tosses and turns envisioning his dream of having a bicycle company.  He’s been around the block a few times with a career and degrees in filmmaking and psychology.  He used to build furniture and even taught both Kundalini and Hatha yoga for a bit.  He likes 2 1/4 square format cameras–black & white, of course.  He is actually funny in person and can do believable sound effects.  It’s pointless to number his collection of bikes, but hovers around the number 8–a very auspicious number.  He is moving forward with the dream.

He sees his life as a great river and it’s okay to not know what’s around the next bend.  In fact, he prefers that.


2 Responses to “About Steve Mattson.”

  1. Steve I am restoring a 1975 Champion bmx bike. I am ready for plating. I was going to go with chrome, as that is what it appears to be. The orginal rims are aluminum, can they also be plated? One bike enthusiest @ Bellflower bmx told me to go with nickle. Any recomendations as to who “can do it right” ? I have a new set of decals from the original mfg. Can’t hardly wait to finish this bike. Thanks for any help. Jim P.

    • Jim P–I’d imagine you’d want authenticity in your restoration. I’d think chrome would be the way to go. Nickel looks nice and warm and gets this light haze which I appreciate, but on a BMX bike I’d think chrome. Plus, it gives a bit more protection. Try: Steve’s Plating Corp. 818-842-2184. They are at 8111 ( or 3111) San Fernando Blvd. in Burbank 91504
      They have a much better reputation then Astro.

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